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    Björk in CHINA!

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    Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Cassette)

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    Walter Van Beirendonck aw08

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    Robert Gober “Bag of Doughnuts” / accidentally eaten

    (In 1989, a critic/curator named Ed Brzezinski accidentally devoured a Gober sculpture on display at Cooper Gallery in New York.

    "Look, it was an honest mistake," Brzezinski said. "I was hungry. I’d been drinking and I hadn’t eaten anything all day. I noticed this bag of doughnuts sitting on a pedestal. Plain doughnuts with no sugar. I figured somebody had brought them and then gotten tired of them. So I grabbed one and bit it. It tasted stale."

    Gallery attendants immediately noticed Brzezinski’s act and ejected him from the space. By this time, however, Brzezinski discovered that Gober had coated his doughnuts with Roplex, a preservative chemical. “I threw up. An ambulance took me to the St. Vincent’s Hospital. They said that if the chemical was dry, it goes right out of your system. If it’d been liquid, it would have killed me.”

    "What is upsetting me is how the art community is now acting like I was a saboteur," he concluded. "This won’t be good for my career.")

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    Marcus Harvey “Myra” / eggs, ink

    (In 1997, this portrait of Myra Hindley (an English woman convicted of participating in the infamous Moors Murders of the 1960s) was included in “Sensation,” an exhibition of Young British Artists at the Royal Academy of Art, London. Based on Hindley’s widely-known mugshot, the work’s inclusion in the show caused a great deal of controversy in the press, and four members of the Academy resigned in protest.

    The painting was vandalized twice, by two different artists, on the opening day of the exhibition:

    a) In the first attack, artist Peter Fisher smuggled blue and red ink into the exhibition, concealed inside two camera film cases; he threw the ink over the painting and smeared it in.

    b) After witnessing the first attack, artist Jacques Role left the museum to buy six eggs from a shop across the street, returned to the exhibition, and threw four of the eggs at the painting before being stopped by an off-duty police officer.

    The painting was removed, restored, and rehung two weeks later behind a protective perspex screen.)

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    Carl Andre “Venus Forge” / vomit

    (In 2007, a child became queasy and vomited onto this work while it was on view at the Tate Museum in London. Several of the work’s steel and copper plates had to be removed for restoration, and the work was reinstalled in short order.)

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    tabi slip-ons (eu 36) • martin margiela

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